Widening a Saddle

To widen a saddle, place the shorter concaved ram onto the hydraulic jack. Push down fully then tighten the valve on the jack. Rest the pommel of the saddle onto the pad, making sure that it is square. Pump the handle on the jack so that there is a small gap in-between the top rollers and the under side of the saddle. Now push the protecting pads into this gap. Look at the above image to see where the pads position is in relation to the rollers. 

When satisfied everything is square Carefully pump the handle on the jack, the pressure will increase and widen the saddle. You can look on the other side of the machine to see how much the saddle has widened out. When the desired width has been reached unscrew the release valve on the jack by half or so turns. Take out the saddle and stamp the sweat flap with the arrows pointing outwards.


Widening a saddle with the Saddle Devil

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